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Does opening Tesla app to review solar data wake up car each time?

I’m getting Tesla solar panels installed very soon and wondering if opening the app will wake up my Tesla vehicle each time I open it to review solar data. I‘m super excited and looking forward to (over)analyzing numbers and hoping there’s some way (I’m guessing not) of just getting to the solar info without waking the car constantly.

How is this handled currently for those that have both Tesla car and solar?
I asked the same question before and the simple answer is no, just make sure you stay on the energy product screen when quitting the app. Actually, if you go to Settings and click on Switch Product, you will see your car sleeping and also status of your solar and Powerwall.

its a good thing it works that way, because the typical person who gets new solar or solar + powerwalls is in the app checking it ALL the time (lol). For the car, that wore off after a month or so, and because I am working from home I can go days without actually waking my car up.

I still check the tesla app a few times a day just to see how my solar production for that day is doing, though.
i just tried this while in garage .. app was on car page and i swiped quickly to powerwalls / pv and it did not wake car .. at least thats how mine behaves
also if i quickly switch over to app on car but quickly get out it will not wake car either

If you do it really fast the car wont wake. Conversely though, if you have the tesla app widget (on iOS for example) and toggle over to look at the widget while the last thing you had selected in the tesla app proper was the powerwalls (or solar) the widget will say "please launch the tesla app to select a vehicle" instead of providing you with any information about your vehicle.
i checked it is on thanks .. us that a newish option w/ ios ? Don't recall seeing that before

Some update or other seemed to make iOS more aggressive at trying to background and limit apps data usage. I know after a while sometimes it will pop up and say "X app is using your data in the background, do you want to only limit it to when its open?" (or something to that effect, the quote i just typed is definitely not exact.
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