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Does SOC have effect on 85D's performance?


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Apr 2, 2014
What do you think?

If fuse is limited to 1300A and car deliveres 420 hp = 313 kw and inverter is 90% efficient that would need pack voltage to be 268V and cell voltage 2.79. But what about voltage drop?

If voltage drop is 0.7V (per WK057) with 1300 amps then pack voltage should be 3.5V before that drop.

So SOC would have effect?
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Yes it does.

My car does sub 12.5 1/4mi times as long and I stay above 90%. After that, I get down to 12.6... and it stays around 12.67 up to around 60% (between 60 and 80 I did 6-7 runs that were really close to 12.675.. literally between 12.670 and 12.680). Never tried it lower than that but I guess it should be stable.

It should be noted that my local drag strip is an old airport which has a concrete base... and it's a bit slippery. Most car run 0.2sec slower here than elsewhere. That being said, I never tried mine elsewhere... but since I get "always better than 12.7", it kind of matches the rating from Tesla (12.5 + 0.2 slower).

My best run so far is [email protected].
SOC was 90%, outside temp very hot and sticky 85F with 94% humidity. 101.5kPa (29.97inHg)

What's nice about the slippery track is that I get a really good kick out of the AWD. In fact, that time was made during a special event with the local Tesla club (17members were there) and the only ones that were faster were P85D... I was faster than a P85 and a P85+. The quickest that night was a P85D with 19in wheels and no pano roof!