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Does Tesla Actually Have Inventory in FL?

I've been eyeballing a Model 3 for just over a year so far and was finally ready to pull the trigger today but stopped at the last minute for now.

I'm in the market for a SR+ black interior and either Grey, Black or White exterior with upgraded wheels, I'm fine with the base wheels too if it came to it. Tesla's website and the guy in the Tesla store confirms they have stock available here in Florida for delivery within a couple of days which I didn't expect. I expected a few weeks wait.

Has anyone bought an inventory vehicle here in Florida recently and what was the wait time roughly. Only reason I ask is I intend to sell my current vehicle before taking delivery of the Tesla and don't want to be left waiting or being forced to buy something else that isn't a Tesla. No I won't trade my vehicle to Tesla as Carvana, Vroom and others are offering close to $3k more than Tesla.
You can go to Tesla's website and search available inventory for your zip code of Model 3's.
That will show you which cars are already built and in FL or on their way to FL*

* the available inventory will show as in stock at location X and some of those cars will be and some will be on a truck from Fremont headed to location X but show as in stock.
Only way to figure out exactly where they are is ask your sales rep or call the main tel for the location and ask them to look up the Vin# which is shown on Telsa's website.

Telsa matches CarMax at least in my experience and in my area.
It will not match anyone else.

If you can take delivery before end of this month you may still qualify for 2 years free supercharging.
If that is of interest I would make your desire known and ask which cars are available for delivery by this deadline.
Thanks again for the advice on CarMax, I'll definitely stop by and get a quote. If they come out ahead of what Tesla offered with the difference I'd pay in taxes with a trade in I'll go for it. Otherwise I'll use Vroom or Carvana. I used Carvana before, quick and easy. They showed up, inspected the car, gave me a check and took the car. Carvana have already offered a healthy $3,000 over what Tesla offered so I'll see what CarMax offer keeping in mind my potential lower sales tax on a trade. I've a feeling I'll come out ahead with Vroom/Carvana.

II'm going to hold on buying the car for now, probably order sometime in November assuming they have stock. I'd like to finance as little as possible on this vehicle as I can. Plus I need to find an insurance company not wanting to apply a 60% up-charge in rates just because it's a "Tesla".
We placed our order on Friday and got a notification that our car was ready for pickup today (sunday) yesterday from Jacksonville. I did call Tesla and they offered the 2 years supercharging if we could pick it up before Monday
Congratulations and thanks for sharing. That was a quick turn around. I'll keep that in mind before I order which won't be for another month or so.