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Does the Tesla Apps or ABRP site takes energy ?

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IF 5 phones follow a Tesla using the Tesla App or any third party app or using a site like A better route planner, does it takes energy from the car ?

Or not, all those Data ( location, ohow many kw is being used etc) is always sent from the Car using LTE to Tesla databases and our Apps or site, simply takes / get the data from Tesla database, then even if 10 phone + 3 sites we getting live data from our Cars, it doesn't impact the car as it's from TELSA, those apps is getting it ?

Tks !

If any phone is following a Tesla while the car could be off (parked), there is increased radio and other vampire loads, so energy consumption goes up. Each phone would be waking up the car for data. Potentially significant energy usage.

If the car is on (driving), the incremental energy loss from one phone following is miniscule to nada. Five phones would very slightly increase energy at a Tesla computing center, but shouldn't impact car energy at all.