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Dog in trunk


Big dogs are the best...
I wouldn't do it w/ the 2nd row being up, he'd have a hard time turning around and he couldn't drool all over the windows... ;)

You could likely have one side of the rear seats folded down, and the other up (ie. you and two other passengers).

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I hope you took her/him for a ride after all that. :rolleyes:

Backed out of the driveway and went down the road a bit... he wasn't impressed.
Thanks for the fresh pic! Funny thing is I have a German Shepherd too
oh, what about when the 2nd row is up?

I put my 70 lb boxer in the back with the 2nd row up all the time and she loves it, though as Mentalspaz says, she cant do a ton of turning around, so she usually just sleeps. Be sure to pre-cool the car if you're in a hot area as the airflow to the far back isn't the best. Better to get it down to 70 and then even on an hour trip it stays comfortable.