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Dog Mode/Camp Mode not avail on Iphone App for FSD Beta

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2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, FSD, FSD Beta, Hardware 3, 112K miles, Sfwr 2022.4.5.21, Iphone App 4.8.1-1032

Under climate when I swipe up I only have Defrost Car and Cabin Overheat Protection. I know we lag behind the features in the UI provided to the the non beta users, we just got the Super Charging icon back on the map screen. Thank You Tesla, used it on my 2500 mile trip to avoid certain charging stops.

I also noticed the car screen no longer turns off when camping. I camped in it on the way out and back during my 2.5k trip. It used to turn off when I hit the lock key on the app but now the screen stayed lit. I had to put it in Screen Clean mode to shut it off.

Anybody else in the FSD Beta not seeing the Dog Mode or Camp Mode in their Iphone app under climate? Also any FSD Beta users able to get the screen to shut off when camping?

We need the ability to enter in “Avoid” Super Charging locations to the navigation function; Airports, Cities, garages, parking fee locations.
2018 Model 3 LR RWD on 2022.4.5.21 (FSD beta)
iOS on 4.8.0-1025

iPhone app only shows defrost and cabin overhear protection. I thought manually turning on climate through app is the same as “keep”.

I’m actually on a cross country road trip but haven’t used camp mode this trip. When we did use it a couple months ago (and was FSD beta then as well), I’m pretty sure the screen did turn off eventually (not manually able to)