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Don't Place Anything on the Floor...

because inevitably, it will end up under the seat and stuck there. Due to the Roadsters acceleration and floor design, loose keys, remotes, and even a registration sticker can/will get stuck under the seat (ask me how I know). The floor under the seat also has a lip that keeps everything there. AND, it is a major PITA to remove the seat...the bolts are not easily accessible, the bracket alignment is not very good, and somehow the parking brake is attached to the passenger seat.

A project for today is to place some foam or barrier to block anything from sliding under the seats. The driver seat actually has a bit more space under the seat, but the passenger one is basically sitting on the floor. There is absolutely no way to get your hand under the seats to retrieve anything.

Just a tip, but I'd bet many of you have already found out.

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I have a sham wow rolled up under there. Its to stop any thief stealing my car park pass that is now permanently stored under there and does double duty in thunderstorms to mop up leaks. There's also an excellent Tesla branded dryer in the trunk for afterwards too.
I think everyone has done it but thanks for owning up to it so we know we are not alone