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Door Ding Repair on Front Fender - Southern CA

Hey All,

Took delivery of my Performance 3 on 12/28/19.... and already had someone ding my fender. WTF!! Have been sick to my stomach over it because doesn't even have a 1000mi or plates.

Did some searching on here and found that pointless dent removal is actually pretty robust. Started searching around and found Rob at West Coast Paintless Dent Removal here in Orange County on Yelp! Pictures looked amazing and reviews were great. Text him yesterday and he was at my house this morning. I now feel stupid for losing so much sleep over it. He did an amazing job and it was so inexpensive.. to the point that I wanted to put his name out here for others in the area.

Check out the before and afters for when it inevitably happens to your ride.



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Nice! I have that same EXACT crease only on the drivers side arch. Agreed.....these guys (a good one) work magic. I head a pretty good ding removed from the drivers door and you’d never know it was there. Forgot to get him to do the arch crease. I’ll be back though at some point. Nice work!

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