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Door handles refuse to present when supercharging

Three times now I have had to use the phone app to get car into (unlock) the car while supercharging. The handles will not present and the car remains stubbornly locked. I will mention it to Tesla in 4 weeks at the year service, anyone else seen this? Poor remote battery ? Sept 30 2014 delivery.
Do they not present even if you double-click on the fob? Has this always happened at the same supercharger location? Perhaps there is some RF interference in the area.

2 Different superchargers, fob works fine all the time except this one scenario. But since it's 3 times now, I guess there's some issue. Phone does work to unlock the car.
And if you press the door handles in? Nothing? Only the phone?

No, nothing, no pressing, waving the fob, pressing the fob will not unlock. Luckily the phone app saves me. I never press the door handles to present unless I have not been near the car in a few days. Otherwise the car presents the handles every morning when I go to it. I will get service to take a look. It may be something as stupid as the fob battery