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door panel safety strap?

So another one of my door handles stopped presenting so I got the ev annex rebuild kit and I'm fixing it today. I've done a rear door already today is my first front door.
I get the panel popped off and there is a safety strap holding the damn door panel to the frame. This was not there on the rear door.
And of course it's held in place by a damn rivet because why make it an easily removable item. So now I gotta cut it or drill out a rivet.
What possible reason could there be to have this strap on there?

Sorry to resurrect this thread - did you end up cutting the strap? Any down side? Working on the same problem here.
I removed the rivet with a drill and intended on putting a new rivet in but I keep forgetting. So cutting it would be fine I suppose
Why do you need to cut it if you only need to service the door handle?
This was before I knew the window lip thing at the top of the door came off and I could get to the bolt from the top.
Sorry - didn't get notified of these responses! Yeah i can probably just drill it out I suppose.

@KalJoMoS - it just seems if I can remove the door panel I can set it aside where I won't damage it. If the strap stays on, the panel will end up hanging there by a corner and probably being in the way.

Drilling out/re-reveting is probably the best way to go, mainly wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking some convoluted safety interlocking mechanism - so yes, overthinking it lol.
I was also wondering why is it attached so (all previous cars I have worked with did allowed to reomove the panel) but decided not to cut or remove it. I managed to mend the handle twice without removing it and it never came to disturb my work. I don’t have any garage or roof over my driveway so I need to fix quickly, can’t leave it in the middle.
Perhaps it’s there for a side collision impact remedy, as the panel would otherwise move inwards.