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Door pillar & interior cameras

Anyone know why the door pillar cameras and interior camera aren't included in sentry mode at the moment yet?

Also what's the range of view of the door pillar cameras? They must be used in autopilot/fsd as it gets angry when they are dirty/misted up?
I thought the door pillars were included?

The interior camera however isn't active for anything right now. Its unclear what the game plan is for this particular camera and I doubt anyone will know until Elon decides to make it so.
The B pillar cameras until recently were only used for FSD features - probably auto lane change and latterly smart summon. Nothing official, but that does now appear to have changed, at least in part as all external cameras now seem to be inputs into the fusion layer which may or may not be being used by additional features.

Tesla Cameras' Coverage and Field-of-View for AP is a great thread showing camera capabilities - post 8 will answer part of your question. Subsequent to this, FSD beta testing videos show its capabilities it in real world use - not perfect in some situations but Tesla seem to be coming up with work arounds such as car creeping at junctions to get a better view.

Internal camera was enabled (with driver permission) in one of the releases in latter part of last year - cannot remember which one exactly but it was in the release notes. Tesla are using the data for learning about driver awareness, hopefully as an alternative to the steering wheel nag.

As for sentry use, thats one for Tesla to answer.
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