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Door Switch Wrap - Cover Emergency Latch

Hi...does anybody know of any door switch wraps that hide the emergency release handles other than RPM Tesla? I really like the idea of covering the handle with vinyl (so that it can still be used in an emergency, otherwise hidden) like RPMs version but I'm not happy with the cut overall on some of the switches from RPM. Every other door switch wrap kit that I've seen has a cutout for this handle but I would like it to be one solid piece. Thanks in advance!
someone posted their wrap although I don't remember if they posted brand/where they got it. i have to say, this isn't something i'm particularly fond of. it's kind of beat in to our brains that you have to use a latch to open a car door and for someone that doesn't have experience with the 3, they might find the latch and not ask out of embarrassment, etc. one pull, and your wrap is done.

i wish they added a sensor that detects when a finger is under the latch or it's about to be pulled, but then, I guess it wouldn't be a mechanical latch if the computer was monitoring it all the time.

EDIT: here you go.