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Dose the battery have life cycle ?

Tesla's recommendation is to keep it plugged in when not in use. Yes it does have a "life cycle" as you state but small charges do not harm the battery.

Assume you have 1000 total charge cycles in the useful life of the battery. If you have a 300 mile battery and charge it 30 miles that would only use up 0.1 of those charge cycles so if you charged it 30 miles at a time you could charge the battery 10,000 times.
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The battery does not have memory, which it sounds like this post is about.

Charging it more often will not hurt it. It's the time spent charging that wears the battery out, not how low you run it before charging it.

An exception to this is very high or very low battery levels do cause extra wear, so avoid frequently running the battery down below 20% or above 90%.