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Double-hinged side doors for the next Model S (Falcon wings applied to side doors)

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I imagined such doors after having a hard time exiting a friend's car parked very close to another car, a common experience in Europe. The problem lies exactly in the feet having to find a way to slide into an opening near the back-end of the door, instead of stepping out normally close to the front-end of the door. And you better have a thin body or you cannot exit.
I did a Google image search, and these double-hinged doors can be found in a concept car from 2011 : the MINI Rocketman. Images at this link :
mini rocketman double hinged door - Google Search
Slightly different design in this other concept car. Images at this link :
Concept car turns into a party pad for chill millennials - Wheelive
Use the radars inside the model S to detect the cars or walls close to these doors, and pressing a button would let the computer determine the optimal opening of the doors, and block them once open, maximizing the space for your exit, and relieving the stress associated with the fear of scratching your door or another car.
What do you think ?
Renault (you know, the french carmaker...) developped such a system for their "Avantime" :


The only drawback : each door weights 70kg
Nice ! I wonder how much of a problem the weight might be, though I just found out there only were two side doors on the Avantime. Do you have any experience with these doors ? I think they would be useful in Asia too, and not only in Europe, where parking space is tight in many places, especially for big cars like the model S, as was shown by Bjorn Nyland when he had a hard time entering an underground parking lot in Paris. Maybe American engineers underestimate the space problems in countries outside to their vast nation.
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