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Drag race P85D vs. P85+

Note, if you deplete both cars to 60% and then start from a 50 MPH roll, they will pull at the same rate.

Correct, if you put both cars on a race track and start doing laps, you will quickly notice that there's no real difference between the two. I did around 25 hi speed laps yesterday and I could not overtake a P85 with my P85D. If you compare the advertised hp on Tesla's website, you are made to believe the P85D has around 50% more power. On a dragstrip the P85D is the fastest because you can do the run when it's cold and at near 100% SoC. It is a whole different story once you get both cars on a race track at speeds of around 100 mph. I assume upping the 1300A max draw from the battery to 1500A will make the P85D shine the way it was supposed to. I am on the ludicrous list. :wink:
Report back after you get Ludicrous.
I would assume that many people, including myself, are not that much interested in getting to 60 mph 0.3 seconds faster, but in having more horsepower to pass at highway speeds.
I'd love to see a race between a P85D and a 85D on a race track. The P85D will kill the 85D on a drag strip, that's for sure. But, what happens if both cars start chasing eachother lap after lap at high speed? I really have no idea which car would win. They have a completely different set of motors and the P85D quickly gets power limited at high speed. Don't know if the 85D would be able to beat the P85D in those circumstances. It's a pitty no 85D owner showed up at the track last Sunday. We had 2 P85Ds and a lot of P85s but no 85D yet. Maybe next time...