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Drive Model X around U.S.?


Jun 20, 2018
Southern California
Hello all,

I used to have 2017 X90D and love it (lease). Now the lease are over I am thinking getting back for another X. This time sole purpose is to drive to every states before moving out of U.S.
Is buying model X just for this purpose feasible?
Main reason I choose Model X, rather than S/3/Y, is because the room, and autopilot. Autopilot is big plus because I don't have stick my eyes on the road like a glue. And no other vehicle autopilot are as advance as Tesla.
How is ICE vehicle, like BMW X5, gas vs. supercharge cost compare.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Nov 25, 2012
Visalia, CA
...Is buying model X just for this purpose feasible?...


...How is ICE vehicle, like BMW X5, gas vs. supercharge cost compare....

Peak rate at Tejon Ranch Supercharger is $0.39/kWh

Your Model X can run 371 EPA miles with a 100 kWh battery pack.

$0.39 x 100 kWh = $39 for 317 EPA miles

or $0.12 / mile

BMW X7 is rated as 21MPG with a gas tank size of 21.9 gallons and the range is 21x21.9=459.9 EPA miles

If the gasoline price is $3 / gallon, then it would cost $65.70 for a fill-up for 459.9 EPA miles.

or $0.14 / mile


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Apr 1, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Certainly feasible. Our X is used almost exclusively for road trips. We love it, and EAP is a must for me. I'd want to have at least automatic lane changes and sometimes Navigate on Autopilot. All states are accessible using Supercharging. But if you want to visit some out of the way place you may have to find a hotel with a destination charger. If you can plan ahead with ABetterRoutePlanner you'll have a good idea of how to make it work for you.


Jan 20, 2018
Kissimmee, FL, Boston, MA
I have made several trips with my MX since we got it. 40,000 miles in the first 2 years, and 6 months of that was sitting in garages during pandemic and other things. From FL round trip to Oklahoma, several trips between FL and MA, and one across the south and southwest across the US from FL to LA, up the west coast to Sacramento, and then across the center of the USA back to FL. A dream on long trips especially with the EAP. With all of the headroom I have several different seat positions so I am not always in the same position. I am 6'2" and plenty of room. Definitely a nice riding road car. My cousin in Alaska keeps asking when I am coming their way, but I don't believe there are superchargers there yet, and the ALCAN highway may be a challenge, at least the last time I looked. But the lower 48 would be great. During my travels I found many hotels with destination chargers, and not just high end hotels.


Jun 20, 2018
Southern California
Thank you all for the feedback, this certainly make me feel more comfortable driving the X cross-country. I plan to do this spring/summer next year to avoid the snow (living in socal so don't like the cold very much).
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Last tank of gas: March 2009
Jul 16, 2009
Redmond, WA
Definitely - I have enjoyed long trips in the Roadster, S and 3, but the X is the best road-trip car I have been in.

Our trips this year were cancelled, but last year we went from Seattle to North Carolina on a meandering path, hitting national parks along the way.

We have free Supercharging, so our fuel costs were pretty low too.
I'll be contrary and say that the S is a great road trip car (138,000 miles in 4 + years). And it has the benefit of being far more energy efficient than the X. Plenty of room for whatever you plan to tote. JMHO

P.S. re: post 5. The S is no better at floating than the X. Hawaii is probably iffy.


Last tank of gas: March 2009
Jul 16, 2009
Redmond, WA
We found the S to be pretty close to the X for road trips; and the S being more efficient is indeed a point in its favor (less cost - assuming you are paying for Supercharging - AND less time charging). Plus it is a bit quicker and handles better, in case you get on some twisty mountain roads. But here are some road trip advantages we found to the X:
  • The X has more space (although if the S has enough for you, this is obviously not a big deal)
  • If you get stuff in and out of the frunk or trunk, the higher position of the X is easier to access
  • The X being taller is easier to get in and out of a lot
  • We find the seating position to be more comfy in the X
  • The "panoramic" windshield is nice when you are looking at scenery as you drive through, say, Zion
  • There is a little more clearance if you drive offroad at all
That's not enough to make any S owners sell their car before starting on a trip. And I'm a big fan of both efficiency and driving dynamics, so if I was by myself and had the choice, I probably would agree with ciaopec and take an S. But as long as I'm going on a trip with my wife (who is taller than me and has some hip trouble) and want to stay married, we are definitely taking the X, and I have to admit I will enjoy it.
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Jun 5, 2015
We have an S and are on our second X. The X is used for all road trips. It's a 6 seat white on white. We have an ARB refrigerator between the middle row seats. A typical trip coast to cost is 10k miles with all the wanderings we do. It's perfect for long road trips and reduces fatigue with the FSD. I've driven about 60k on autopilot, yes I've had some experiences with it. I've driven in the snow, very high winds and rain and August in the Mojave desert. It's the best trip vehicle ever.

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