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Drive Unit replaced - regen seems stronger

Discussion in 'Model S' started by WannabeOwner, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. WannabeOwner

    WannabeOwner Active Member

    Nov 2, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Drive unit was replaced (P90D - don't know which one / or if both) because the bearings were dry. Apart from "Car needs service" warning there wasn't anything obviously wrong with it, when driving.

    Now it seems that:

    Brakes are sharper (bite harder, sooner). Maybe that's just an adjustment they did whilst it was in the shop. Car is only a few thousand miles and four months old, so a bit surprising that it wouldn't have been delivered in similar state?

    Regen seems stronger. I've read people saying that V8.0 was stronger, and I know it is subjective, but I can't say I noticed any change after the V8.0 upgrade. SvC re-applied the upgrade (well ... I got an upgrade Notification on my phone when the car was at the SvC, the version number hasn't actually changed), so maybe either that did something, or the dry-bearings were preventing as strong a regen, or perhaps I have a newer model of drive unit that is in some way more efficient.

    Car seems to coast more (at the point at which regen cuts out - 4MPH [or whatever it is]). I find myself using the brakes in places where I think it would have come to a halt by itself (i.e. it is rolling further now)

    I thought the drive unit issues were largely solved now, bit of a suprise that mine has been replaced after a relatively short time / mileage. Maybe it was just in that minute percentage of fault parts ... or maybe I'm smoking something?!!

    It will be interesting to note if Energy Use falls - e.g. if the dry bearings were using more energy

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