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Driver monitoring & the selfie cam


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Feb 10, 2021
Some people claim the Tesla selfie cam can't do driver monitoring because it's too dark at night to see the driver's face. But the selfie cam is the same Aptina camera on the outside of the car. Here's a photo taken by greentheonly on an unlit street, using one of the side cameras:


The tree is lit up by the car's tail light, but drivers' faces are lit up the car's touch display and by the light from the headlights bouncing back from the road, through the windshield. If you sit next to someone in a car at night on unlit roads, you can usually see their face due to small amounts of ambient light.

It sure seems like Tesla could use the selfie cam for driver monitoring if they wanted to.
Apparently I missed that greentheonly found driver monitoring operating in shadow mode:


So, this is definitely something that Tesla is already working on.

Apparently comma.ai also used a normal, visible light camera for their driver monitoring in the past.