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Driver Seat Belt- Will it wear on the seat?

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May 8, 2010
Boston Suburb
Anyone else worried about the potential wear on the seat caused by the seat belt?

I noticed during the first couple weeks of ownership that when I got in and out of the driver seat that I was catching the seat belt and pushing it into the driver seat. Over time seems like a potential problem with the seat eventually showing signs of wear. Reminded me of the problem the Model S has with wear wear and tear on the B pillar.
To address this I've now gotten into the habit when I get out of the seat to push the seat belt back along side the seat. See 2nd picture. It's now become a habit but I suspect over time there will be owner complaints.
Is this happening for other owners or am I overly concerned? Is there an adjustment that I'm missing to correct this?

Driver seat belt.PNG

Driver seat belt 2.PNG
Tape some felt on that buckle portion facing the seat. I was wondering the same thing. They put felt on the female side of the buckle so it does not scratch the center console. Surprised they didn't think to do anything for this door/side.