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Driving from Ontario to the Maritimes


I'm about to buy a MY LR and I'm curious about the driving experience to the Maritimes - say Moncton, NB.

I've plotted the route through a couple of route planners, and it seems quite doable, but I'm still curious about some real-world experiences with Super Charging along the Quebec corridor and the TC down through NB. Do the SC stations tend to fill up in the summer months? Is it possible to know before arrival if there are any issues with a particular SC location?

Someday when we're allowed to travel again, I'd love to drive back.
I’ve done the run between Montreal and Halifax several times. It was a little longer back before the SCs and I had to rely on chademo chargers. :p
The ONLY time I’ve seen the SCs fill up is when an EV club was doing a group run for fun to several SC locations. When I’m traveling I seldom see more than a couple of cars at any SC.

Allegedly the SC in Levies Quebec is the busiest, but anytime I’ve been there it’s been less than half in use.
Troies Riveriar (sp) is about the only SC on the route I don’t like. It’s in a hotel parking lot and it’s a little awkward to to to/from the highway to get to it, and you can go right by the entrance if you’re not careful. Just my personal griping there, YMMV ;)
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You are fine in warm weather if not the Chademo is super handy, they are everywhere and you don’t have to plan as much.

I bought one for my trips to eastern Quebec.

I rent it if you are interested you can pick it up on your way through Montreal and drop it off on your way home... :)
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