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Driving in Reverse, MY "shifts to Park"

While my wife is reversing out of our garage, the car shifts to "park" after a few feet. She will go back into reverse, and it will do the same (shift to park). However, this is an intermittent issue...really bugs her. She is alone in the car, fully charged, no obstructions, same parking position each day.

I have not experienced it, but she drives it 90% of the time. Any similar experiences or suggestions? Thanks, as always...I enjoy learning from this community.
The car will shift to park if it does not detect weight in the drivers seat (or the weight changes).

Does your wife have a process flow where she has her bag / purse in her lap, puts the car into reverse, then reaches and puts her bag / purse in the back seat footwell (or something like that) that would cause her to shift her weight in the seat ?
I also remember an old thread of similar question. The poster has same problem when he reversed. Turned out when he reverses, he turns his body to see through rear window (like we old people who learn to drive without cameras) so his body weight shift off the seat sensor, and thus triggers this.
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You guys have the car in Creep or Roll mode? Just curious if that plays into the seat sensor algorithm... I have mine on hold, and I turn my head when I back out from habit, but never had it shift into park on me.
I also use hold and turn my head. If I have my seatbelt on, I have no issues. If I don't have my seatbelt on, the car will sometimes shift to Park. Depends on the speed (low speed = more park) and how much weight I move on the seat.
NOW: I also had a bad seat weight sensor that caused other issues and was replaced very recently. Sometimes my car would stay on after I got out of it. I haven't paid attention to see if it still goes to park now that my sensor was replaced.
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