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Driving with intelligent cruise control

Model 3 owner, going on month 3 now.
Love the cruise control, except noticed that very often the vehicle lows down a little as I turn on the turn signal before a lane changes.
It is quite annoying, as I'd rather it held the speed or gave it a little boost at that moment.
Anyone else experienced this?
Entirely. When I change lanes to the left, the car will slow prior to changing, then as it's crossing the line, it usually gives a little jolt of deceleration, like it hesitates and panics a bit. Only seems to be when there is a car in front. I've tried with nothing in front, and it changes seamlessly. Never have any issues changing lanes to the right.
It ain’t nothing like it used to be. It feels to me like it has to “recenter” in between each phase of a lane change (and there must be several) and the transition between each is still noticeable. That’s mostly on AP though. When changing lanes while using TACC, have you tried giving it a little more room ahead in the lane you’re changing into? So it doesn’t have to worry so much about its new following distance? I’ve also noticed you can apply the accelerator, this will not cancel the lane change.