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Drop the 20" Uberturbines for 19"ers?

Help me decide:

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Good folks, I just joined the forums and have been reading all the delightful tidbits for hours! Thank you.

A question: I recently ordered a T3P and am expecting delivery mid-end March. I'm in the silicon valley, south bay area in CA.

I really skeptical about the 20" wheels and want to drop down to 19". From what I can tell, Tesla does not make 19" that fit the T3P, so I'll probably need to pick up a new set from after market. Now I'm super confused. I do fancy the aesthetics of the T3P over the AWD - not too crazy about the 3.1s, no plans to track. What would the good folks here recommend?

1. Keep it simple: Get the AWD, but upgrade with perf boost and 19" wheels. I also save some money.
2. Optimize: Get the T3P, get 19" from somewhere (tsportonline?). Sell the 20" on this forum.
3. Live a little: Get the T3P. Have fun, and ignore the annoyances of the low profile tires.

TIA ya all.

(moderator note: Welcome to the forum. I edited out part of your post regarding selling the wheels, because that needs to be confined to a specific forum here ( parts for sale) and I suspected you would rather have this post here rather than me move it to that forum because you were advertising your wheels).
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Greg, thanks for the pointer! If I could get it done at the time of pickup, that would simplify things. However, I did not see the Gemini's offered with summer tires, and from what I can see, TSLA's approach these days is take-it-or-leave-it (I'm sure TSLA has its reasons, but as a buyer, this 1st impression is starting to get under my skin). I will call my store and reconfirm, but I suspect this too shall not work.

If I wanted to purchase 19" wheels + tires combo for the T3P from an external vendor, is tsportonline the recommended (only?) shop? Are there any other good brands that I could check out?
I'm waiting on my Model 3 Performance as well, and I am considering the same options regarding wheels/tires as you. I'd like more sidewall/rim protection, but I also want all season tires. I'm strongly considering option 2. The 19" TSport TSS I want, with all season tires is going to run about $3750 delivered (ouch!), just FYI.
toddkageals! Yup! It seems a lot cheaper to buy the rims and get tires installed locally, but the time overhead is even worse ... Please do share if you find other options to tsportonline. Ideally a place that I could drive to, and they would fit me up with a wheel package.

xlr82xs, I didn't follow the question. There's only one performance offering in the T3, is there not?
Would not go for M3LR+ with 19 inch. Performance is the better deal with the highest range due to the bigger battery.

The uberturbines are ok, but if you want to go down to 19 inch, that would be a good option as well. You can look at t sportline, but for a stronger and lighter wheel you could also check out Martian wheels.
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heres my take: the Uberturbines look amazing, if your mostly urban keep them. In fact if your a mostly urban driver keep them and buy other peoples tear offs for a new set of summer tires every year or so at a great discount to you. If you live in a more rural setting your going to need more sidewall so go down to 19 or 18 inch rims. If your use case is mostly urban and some trips into the snow, keep the 20's and get a dedicated set of winter tires and swap them out as needed.

disclaimer: Im sad I have to get smaller wheels because of the above so I have some bias toewards keeping the sexy 20's because I cant :(