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Dual motor funk space - pre vs. post facelift?

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After looking at some pictures, it seems like the newer D cars have less frunk space than the first gen D cars. Looking at the 2014 P85D for example, the frunk looks bigger than a new 75D. But Im not sure if my eyes are just playing tricks on me due to the redesign of the plastic surrounding the frunk opening.... Can anyone confirm if the older D cars do in fact have more frunk space?
You are correct. The original (pre-refresh) rear-wheel drive Model S (e.g. S85, SP85) had the largest frunks. Frunks got somewhat smaller (basically losing the "microwave" space at the rear) with the pre-refresh all-wheel drive cars (e.g. S85D, SP85D). Finally the refresh made the frunks slightly smaller for both D and non-D cars.