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Dual Motor Regen efficiency

How effective is the regen and does the dual Motor have more regen capacity than the single motor version?

Also how efficient is it? Say I use 1kw going up a hill how much would regen get back if I went down it the other way? Something like 50% so 0.5kw?
more regen capacity than the single motor version?

Well considering my SR+ would slow down to creep mode (that i have enabled) going down a fairly steep hill unless you press the accelerator, I'd say you don't need 2 motors?

Maybe the declaration would be sharper with 2? But I think a single motor can quite easily recover all it can from forward motion.

I also think it's not linear. I noticed that deceleration from going 60+ is considerably less than from going 30 or less. The car lets you gently decelerate at higher speeds and more like brake and lower speeds.

That's my anecdotal evidence anyway