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Dubai Owners I need a favor

So I need a favor from any of the owners in Dubai. My father lives in Dubai and he helped me down pay for my 70D. At first he was mad, because he just thought I was being a brat. Then I explained the car to him and how it saves money where as other add to the price in terms of gas, insurance etc. He got the idea, but I really want him to experience the car, which is when it really sinks in to anyone that didn't understand the car.

My Ask: Any of the owners in Dubai willing to go pick my dad up and take him for a cruise and explain the car etc in person? Doesn't need to be long just want him to experience that car and get behind it as I have.
I have only heard of one owner in Dubai on the forum...

I found this list of cars sold by country in Europe, you might be able to find one for Worldwide?


Good luck!
Thanks! I already messaged one of the people on the forum. Fares. Not sure if he saw my message, Forum inboxes are tricky if you don't know how to use them. I know there are a few. I've seen two for sale when I was last there (if I remember correctly). Also they won't be on any list as there isn't a Tesla store in U.A.E. The owners buy them from the States/Europe/Canada and import them to Dubai.

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I just found another user in Abu Dhabi who has, or has an order in for a P90D, I asked him and will see if I get a reply. I really want to do this for my dad!

Please confirm that your father is in good health, and especially does not have any heart or circulation or other issues that could be aggravated by Ludicrous mode.
He should be fine. He has high blood pressure.

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Put your dad on an Emirates flight and come visit you and your car.
I want to surprise him, also he would have to get a visa etc, He said he's doing it, but I just want it to be something I did for him.