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Due Bill / Post-Delivery Service Question

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Hi all,

Took delivery of my M3P- this evening. Despite my worst fears the car was actually in pretty good condition, and aside from some slight panel gap and door alignment issues, the only things of great concern to me were a couple of dimples and small seemingly scratched/indented section all on the front bumper.

My delivery agent worked with me to take photos of these on his phone and said that due bill items should reflect in my account on the app, but I'm also reading stories about people who have been told this and not heard back about due bill items for months on end.

I'm scheduled to bring the car in for a vinyl wrap + ceramic coat at the end of this week, so if course I'd prefer to have this taken care of sooner rather than later. Is it worth it for me to take photos / submit via app myself for scheduling service? Should I just reach out to my local service center itself? Or will this just interfere with the supposed due bill process?

Also, I was told the panel gaps / door alignment wont be adjusted. Has anyone had any luck addressing these with an SC post-delivery when the delivery center otherwise said it's a no-go?

Car's phenomenal otherwise, easiest two hour drive home I've ever enjoyed!
Did they indicate some parts need to be ordered before they can fix the issues? I would try calling the service center tomorrow and asking for clarification on what needs to happen next. You will probably need to stay on top of them as these things tend to get lost in the shuffle when Tesla is busy. And with end of quarter approaching this is as busy as they usually get.