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EAP post delivery update subject to NYS sales tax?

Hello all,
I Currently have a Model S 85D with AP1 and can not imagine going without it. I recently configured my wife's Model 3 and I would like to see if there is potential savings in waiting for the federal tax credit to pay for Enhanced Auto Pilot.

I will be either rolling the $5000 into the financed portion of my purchase at delivery and paying the additional associated tax on that option or waiting to update after.

Is there anyone in New York (Nassau County) who has done the update after delivery? I am curious if it is subject to local sales tax.

Not sure about the M3 but buying EAP after delivery on the MS costs an additional $1K. If it is the same on the M3, waiting to add it later will cost you more than any potential sales tax savings. I live in Nassau County and I pay sales tax on everything I buy from Tesla, including the extended warranty, so I am pretty certain you will pay sales tax on the upgrade if done later.
Since the upgrade was for software I thought it might be possible. Based on loan rates, the interest paid on an extra $5000 of principle would be between $300 and $390. The additional tax savings would have made waiting to upgrade more than worth it. You could also benefit from a credit card promotion for some free points since the upgrade is done with a card.

Thank you all for your input!