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Early Model S Ambient Light Buzzing

Hey guys

I own a Sig. 2012 Model S and I just replaced the door handle myself and hear the 'buzz' that used to happen when ambient lights were on at less than 100% screen brightness (lights dim with screen brightness). I've never really used ambient lights in a while so do not recall if it was happening before my door handle replacement. Does anyone know if Tesla ever implemented a fix other than keeping the screen at 100% to avoid the buzzing? I could have sworn it was fixed, maybe I messed it up somehow replacing the door handle? (Initially I put the ambient light and puddle light wires in the wrong spot). I read the old threads and some people said it was supposed to be fixed with a software update that doesn't allow the ambient lights to dim with the screen, not sure if that ever occurred. For anyone that had it fixed via hardware, do you know what was changed or where to change it? Is it possible I plugged something into the wrong place causing the buzzing again? Both ambient lights and puddle lights work now, so I'm not sure if that's it, maybe if it went in upside down (not sure if it's possible?). The car is obviously out of warranty and I would prefer to do the repairs myself if it's not too tough.

Also, anyone know if it's safe to have the wires inside the door panel on a significant bend? The way my wires were routed basically made it so I had to have a 90 degree bend right before that first box attached from the top of the door panel to get it low enough to close the door panel properly. I could have cut open the routing and tried to rewire it again with tape but couldn't be bothered in that moment. Want to know if it's safe or if I should re-open it and try to reroute? Online I've been reading that some wires can bend 180 degrees onto each other and it isn't a problem particularly when you're not constantly bending/unbending in different directions, but I am not sure if these wires that Tesla used are similar.

If anyone knows anything about either issue, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hi, sorry I can’t help but would you be able to take a phot of the ambient light around the window switch as it seems my car does not have it. Maybe it’s the Signature or premium interior level thing but my car have only the puddle light on the door panel.

Hey, it was a feature available in 2012-2016 Model S's before they took it away (I believe).

You can read about it here:

This is how it looks:


It does add a cool effect to the car when driving at night. I just need to get rid of the annoying buzzing on one of the bulbs.
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