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Easy Entry, Sentry Mode and Preconditioning.


I am a new M3 owner and have a couple questions/problems I was hoping people could help me answer.

Easy Entry - I have Easy Entry setup as I like to use it for getting in/out of the vehicle, and I am the only other driver profile setup. It all works the way I expect when getting in and out of the car. However, seeing as Easy Entry is a profile, does it make it's own settings for the car, or will it match my driver profile? (other than seat/mirror positions obviously) i.e Do I have to go through Easy Entry manually and set all the settings to match my driver profile, or will it leave everything the same?

The reason I ask about the above is that I haven't been able to receive app notifications, and whilst leaving Sentry mode turned on, I have it set to exclude home and exclude favourites, yet when I am at home, sentry mode appears to be activating and I wondered if this was to do with the car going into easy entry and me needing to set the settings/addresses up separately on the easy entry profile.

Preconditioning - I set my M3 to schedule a precondition yesterday morning before I left. The car was plugged in, but not charging as it had finished around 2 and half hours before I was scheduled to leave (so an hour 45/2 hours before preconditioning would have startd). When I got in the car, the external temperature was about 7c, the car was fully charged and the cabin warm. I went on a 43 mile drive and finished with 83% percent battery, yet the regen braking dashes never disappeared for the whole drive. I then did the same drive home without preconditioning, bit longer at 50 miles, around 8c temp, finished with 61% battery and again the regen braking dashes never fully went away.

However, the other week when I was charging for a few hours from around 25%, I'd finished charging about half an hour before my scheduled departure time for preconditioning and was still plugged in, with an external temp of 3c, and the regen dashes never even appeared for my 63 mile drive back home.

With the above case, it it just usually at temperatures like the above, regen will never fully be active, and the only reason it was when it was 3c was because I'd been charging all day? Or is there another reason why it seemed to work one time but then not the next?

Easy Entry is a stand-alone profile with no connection to your other profiles. You can make changes and save them to that profile but only seat/mirror/driving settings, not Sentry or app notification behavior.

If Sentry is active, the app will show a red dot under "Security and Drivers" and a blue selection within that menu. If that is happening at home despite the menu selection to "exclude home" then you might need to reset your home location. Sentry does not send notifications to your phone, that only happens when the alarm is fully triggered by a major event.

Preconditioning is generally not needed for normal driving unless you need to maximize range or performance by using shore power to warm the battery. The amount of regen available is dependent upon a complex balance of charge state, battery temperature, and amount of recently used regen -- too many variables for you to track. Just set the "use brakes when regen is limited" option and forget about it.