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Easy Entry vs Autolock

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Help! After all this time, I feel like a newbie sometimes.

I almost always have "walk away" lock on, since locking the car otherwise is a bit of a PITA. But when I'm home fooling with it a lot (detailing or installing some new doo-dad) I want it to stop auto-locking on me. So I get in, go to the locking sub-menu and turn off the lock on walk-away.

Then it locks on me again. This feature is profile-specific, and I also use Easy Entry.

If I change it for my own profile, is it reading that or the Easy Entry profile when I get out and walk away? I can't make logical sense out of what is controlling it. The only sure way to get it to work is to turn it off for BOTH profiles... which is also a PITA since I then I have remember to turn them both back on again.

Has anybody figured this out yet? Or am I stuck turning it off in both profiles?

(As a followup question, why does it say "SAVING" where the profile name is every time I get in or out of the car now?)