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Easy Film protection method (vvivid) for headlights

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I hadn’t put this 3M Vvivid film on much of the car so far (I don’t worry about paint chips as those are easy to correct). I did place it on the door sill kick panels as it looked like they would get scratched quickly and also on paint under the mud flaps as they looked like they would vibrate. The other day I checked on headlight replacement cost and quickly decided they would be a good choice to cover also :). Found a pretty simple way to create templates for curved surfaces. Basically just press aluminum foil closely over the entire headlight and press tightly around the edges, then trim on the creases and then flatten on the backside of the film. Trace with a pen and then just borrowed my wife’s best sewing shears to cut. Also did the parking lights below the headlights. Worked very well and really hard to tell they are covered. Does take a little patience but worth the trouble. Oh, and they stick on really really well (you will figure that out as you are applying :) ).

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