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Electric Generation Company - Build Me an App!

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Dec 5, 2014
So, here in PA, we have this wonderful deregulation thing. So I get to pick my power provider. All power companies hook into the grid, and everyone pulls out, what is really the same power. (Environmental impacts aside).

So, before when I had a propane heated house, and gas sucking cars, I didn't give much thought to the whole I'm using 550 kWh/month thing.

Now, one Tesla, a new heat pump (still propane backup), and even newer heat pump water heater later, hovering around 1,400 kWh/month I'm totally into neurotically checking that I have the lowest kWh price I can find.

(The Tesla got me thinking about kWh, and the heat pump was because my dog pissed his way to destroying our A/C unit). (urine is corrosive, who knew?!)

Anyway, back on topic.

What I want:

App that knows all my info (name, address, PP&L Account Number, and current kWh rate)
Then, monthly, (or whenever) it goes out to the pa power switch web site and
If new rate < CurrentkWhRate then... auto sign me up for that rate.
ONLY matching ones with NO contract, and NO cancellation fees.
Then it should email me when once a month with 'no lower rate found' or 'new provider selected'

Basically automate what I do once a month now. I'm currently down to a total cost of $0.118 where I live. *that's TOTAL cost, not generation alone).

Anyone think it can be done?!
How much would the generation companies hate it? :)

Or, since every company has it's own sign up page, and that would be very hard to accommodate, what if it just emails me if it finds a lower rate than what I have now?
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The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission has a handy tool on its web page that's essentially what you're looking for. Based on what you posted, the website suggests that Town Square Energy is currently the cheapest supplier for you, though that requires a 3-month commitment (no cancellation fee). NRG Home has a variable rate (i.e., it's only guaranteed for the current month), but no commitment. Better yet, NRG has 25% renewable in the mix.