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Electrify America Chargers Los Gatos

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New charging options closer to DT Los Gatos. They are installing a few Electrify America chargers in Bank Of America parking lot. More options for some who don’t mind paying or those who can’t utilize Tesla chargers is a good addition to the city! Wonder what the rates will be? F0038F4B-92AE-46AF-B955-3C12455B289D.jpeg216F75F5-B291-4C0A-9B0A-E9B31B3CD737.jpeg951F0856-3EED-4F43-90C3-F56EBD2C5A9C.jpeg8B20F399-DEFD-45D5-B1C8-5A11026DBE1A.jpeg3DDA6E41-DD40-4742-98EB-3CA4B8D82761.jpeg0FB2A510-686D-4139-8D8C-6E4A4FE47188.jpeg8A8A5DF3-A277-4C3A-B8FA-B042404B8B03.jpeg8A8A5DF3-A277-4C3A-B8FA-B042404B8B03.jpeg
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About 99 cent a minute at the fastes charge rates according to the website...
Yep. Pricing at Pricing and membership | Electrify America.

However, the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter only apparently goes up to 50 kW, so the pricing would be 25 or 18 cents/minute, depending on plan. One plan has a $1 session fee while the other has a $4/mo fee.

The EA app shows a bunch of coming soon locations sorta near where I live. Has been like that for awhile.
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$3.75 for 5 kWh??
$1 to start the session; then a per minute rate that should have been 25 cents in CA. Since his power was ~ 2 minutes per kWh the total adds up to 1 + 5.25*0.25*2 = $3.6

Longer charging sessions spread out the session fee and starting at a lower SoC improves the charge rate.
That example was just trying out the service. A more realistic Tesla charging event would e.g. collect 20 kWh at 50 kW. That would cost about 1 + 20*1.2*0.25 = $7 = 35 cents a kWh

People who frequent EA can buy a plan for $4 a month that e.g. reduces the per minute charge to 18 cents a kWh. Then a 20 kWh session in a CHAdeMO Tesla could be expected to cost
1 + 20*1.2*0.18 = $5.32 = 26.6 cents a kWh.

Despite appearances the pricing is actually OK, particularly for CA. And something to consider if Superchargers are not available.
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There’s 3 different prices and you are able to select any one of the 3
The EA site says that the system picks the tier charging rate although I'm not sure about details. Certainly the 150 kW charger should not have a 350 kW option.

The tricky part for a future CCS Tesla would be not getting stuck in the highest charge tier and only manage an average of 125 - 150 kW for the session. Cheapskates can restart their sessions when the power drops below 125 kW
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