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Elon April Fool Joke: Tesla goes bankwupt

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Oh Elon. Gotta luv him.

I just redirected my $1,000 reservation towards 100 bottles of #teslaquilla.

it's a big F-U to all those folks talking about the sky falling...

No, a big FU would be the share price over 350 again. Remember the shortsville tweet? I haven’t seen much taunting lately... they do need some new hype to get the narrative back. Flamethrowers and this bit aren’t going to get the job done.

Jokes aside, do they want to attempt to raise capital in the current atmosphere of negativity?!
Too much FUD everywhere. Surprisingly even in this forum with S, X, and Roadster owners who've gone through it before. I'm glad Elon can burst this negative media bubble with some humor.

It's time for Tesla supporters to push back on this doom and gloom when this company is trying to do so much good while others get away with so much bad without even a word of criticism.