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Elon Bear across Europe (and beyond)


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Jun 16, 2012
Waasmunster, Belgium
Hi Tesla Lovers.

I’m Elon Bear, and I’m also a big Tesla lover. I don’t have my own Tesla yet, but my dream is to travel through Europe riding with Tesla’s.

Here is the simple plan.

At this moment I’m in Waasmunster @ the Tesla boulevard with Frank (Xfrank)

Next week I will make a tour with Dirk (S-19910)

The real Europe adventure will start in a few weeks; at the unofficial opening from the supercharger in Lokeren with TMC members. Then I will jump in the Tesla from one of the attendees. I hope that everybody bring me to nice places and make some funny picture to post here.

Take me on holiday or other nice places in Europe. After our wonderful time together, bring me to a supercharger and give me to another forum member.

Please don’t leave me for a long time in your trunk or frunk.

And remember: pics or it didn’t happen!

There is also a map where you can point the places we visit and drop your pictures.
Elon Bear through Europe

I hope to see you soon @ one of the superchargers.;)

Elon Bear
After that I was ripped out of the hands of my friend Frank by the malicious Dirk; he took me away in his dirty car.
I was most upset, we did not speak during the ride.

To cheer me up, Dirk took me to the supercharger in Aartselaar.
I took my chance, and ran for the door...
WILMAAAA.... (or Kiiiiiim), let me in....
But the door remained closed.

Aahh... this ones is bigger, please take me back to Frank....

To make up, Dirk let me look at some nice pictures.

Then we drove to his home....
I took the steering wheel, but the fob was missing. So I guess I will need to stay with Dirk....
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Nice idea, I'm curious to the adventures of Elon Bear in the next few weeks. :)

Maybe Elon Bear, you will find she-bear Angelina. She could make long distance travel much more attractive. The Tesla navigation system will find her (it's a very good system) if you just key in her name.

Now you've got a mission Elon. Go for it.
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Last night, as I tried to find my way back to Frank, I realised Dirk had left his mobile in the car.
So I tried to start the car with the app...

However, I did not know the proper password... so now Dirk's account is lock.
He will be very angry with me.

Then I tried to find the relay hack on the dark web.

However, Dirk keeps his fobs in a tin can with his other treasures. So no thieve can steal his car.

By the way, his garage also does not look so nice....

But, to make up for last night, Dirk prepared me a real nice breakfast.
With coffee (real beans), freshly squeezed orange juice, and toast with JAM. And HONEY.

And he told me that today we will go on a road trip. My favourite!!!

So maybe he is not such a bad guy after all.
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