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Elon Musk Founder 1 Data and VIN Plate [photos] and My Initial X Reaction

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I photographed Elon's Founder #1 data plate and VIN to see what the GVWR is for tax purposes. Great news!! It's 3,070 kg (6,768 lb). This means the max. weight of vehicle with passengers and cargo. Since it's over 6,000 lbs. it will qualify for accelerated depreciation compared to a passenger vehicle. I'm not a CPA, so I'll let any of you CPA's out there provide more info on this for us business owners.

I also took extensive 3D video of Elon's X outside and inside, , and the "Ride Event", which I'll upload to Youtube later today in 3D and 2D. It's 2:28 am in California and I'm really tired. I didn't get to experience my "X Ride" in a 6 seat configuration until around 12:30 am. I also took a lot of measurements that others recorded for TMC.

My initial thoughts:

The Model X is a home run. There is no doubt about this. One of the surprise features is the largest HEPA air filter on any vehicle. It even has a "Biohazard Mode" (this is not a joke - check the website). This provides positive air pressure inside the vehicle so any hazardous toxins cannot enter. A Tesla employee told me that Elon dreamed up this amazing air filtration system because he couldn't stand smelling the landfill that is not too far from Tesla factory. So we have this noxious landfill to thank for that.

6-Seat Configuration

There was only one 6-seat configuration at the event, a beautiful vehicle in Sig Red with a White Leather interior. I specifically asked to ride in the second row to experience it, because I'm on the fence 6 vs. 7 seats. The 6-seat version with 2 seats in row two is really well-designed. There is a large padded leather armrest which hides a spacious storage compartment underneath. I was told this center console is removable. The 7-seat version has an armrest that can be pulled out of the middle of the middle seat back which is very nice.

My advice is if you don't need 7 seats, then get six. It's a great configuration for the two passengers in the middle row. One thing I also liked is there is room for your feet underneath the front seats. The 6-seat version is going to be really popular in China, where most people have a driver.

I was honored to watch Elon's presentation on the left side of the large hall far from the stage next to Mr. George Blankenship, whom I had interviewed a few times when the S came out at Santana Row. We had a chance to chat during the pauses and frequent applause from the crowd. George told me it's true that he was the last person to personally interview everyone before they were hired to work at any of the Tesla Stores during his tenure. While we were watching Elon, he commented (paraphrasing) that "you know, the guys at BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Lexus are watching this right now, and they are very, very, unhappy". I told him that I think this will be the first vehicle that will go viral, selling itself as people see the Falcon Wing doors rise up in parking lots all over America, and he agreed. For those of you who don't know, George is a marketing genius who was the chief strategist for Apple's stores for Steve Jobs before Elon hired him to architect and implement Tesla's retail strategy and stores.

When Elon finished, I shaked George's hand and thanked him on behalf of all of us for everything he did for Tesla. He said he's really enjoying his retirement with his family and grandchildren.

I have much more to write about, but I think I'll wait until I get some sleep and get a chance to upload my videos.

Elons Founder 1 Data Plate.jpg
Elons Founder 1 VIN Plate.jpg
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Some quick arithmetic: reports are that the curb weight is about 5400 lbs., so that means that it can carry about 1368 lbs. of passengers and cargo. 7 big adults would be too much, but a couple of big adults, a bunch of kids, and some suitcases or whatever should be fine.
average asian man about 140-160lbs, woman 110-125lbs.
so it should be fine for 7 adults and a lot of cargo here. :biggrin:
but i guess more people will go for the 6 seat version with second center console. if same price for both versions.
Some quick arithmetic: reports are that the curb weight is about 5400 lbs., so that means that it can carry about 1368 lbs. of passengers and cargo. 7 big adults would be too much, but a couple of big adults, a bunch of kids, and some suitcases or whatever should be fine.

Do you mean that base Model X will go 0-60 in about 5 seconds instead of 4.8? Sounds good to me even with 20 more adults
Thanks for the great information. It looks cool. I too am leaning toward the 6 seat version as it makes so much more sense. Also, I am THRILLED by the car weighing in excess of 6,000 lbs. Time to talk to the accountant, though I doubt ours will be delivered in 2015 and who knows what changes are I store for the tax code for 2016. Great job getting data. Wishing I could have come but arrived home fromEurope at noon yesterday and couldn't muster the energy for an almost all night event it sounds like!
The concern isn't about acceleration. As I understand it, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is a safety issue--you shouldn't add things to a vehicle to go over that limit, ever. What I was saying is that if you had 7 adults, averaging 200 pounds each, you would be too heavy for the Model X to be operating within its approved parameters. Alternately, 7 160 pound occupants, each with 40 pounds of stuff (a lot, but not a huge amount) would also be too much. As I said, for my use case (2-4 adults, 3-5 kids, some luggage, sometimes a dog), it's plenty of weight rating. I don't view this as a problem. Just something I was thinking through and thought i'd share.