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Elon Musk on NPR's Marketplace (12 Oct 2015)

Just listened to this on my local station.

That part that caught me off guard since it's a departure form previous statements was this:

Musk: I expect to be with SpaceX and Tesla for as long into the future as I can imagine.

Yes, I caught that too, BUT that doesn't mean CEO (of Tesla) into the future as far as he can imagine. He's said before he'd always like to be involved in Tesla, but not as CEO.

Oh, I see Crowded Mind said that too.
Listen to the extended interview (Tesla CEO Elon Musk: The future runs on batteries | Marketplace.org), there's a segment starting at 16:10 discussing Falcon Wing Door design using hydraulic vs. Electric actuators. There were some rumors about switching to electric actuators very late in the game here on TMC. First time I've heard Tesla (Musk) mention hydraulic.

Yeah, I posted the interview link in that thread before I saw this one, just to add evidence to confirm the rumor.