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Elon & Twitter

That said, I don't think Tesla has ever been really open right? They are letting people use their charging plug standard now, but that's after they refused to let anyone else use it for a very long time (why you never see anyone make a Tesla EVSE charger). At least from what I saw on that Inside EVs podcast.
I agree,

Market competition from companies using open standards may eventually force Tesla to be more open.

Unfortunately Elon has created the perception that Twitter is very political, in the small corner of Twitter that I visit, nothing has changed.
It is impossible for me to comment on whether not the political parts of Twitter have changed, because I never visit them,

Elon seems to be the one cranking the volume up to 11, there is way more drama than there needs to be,


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Jun 28, 2018
Had to lol at this snip from my twitter account.



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Feb 28, 2013
Elon belatedly discovers Apple's store eco-system has fees on in-app-purchases / subscriptions etc?

Wait till he finds out what Google charges :)
Totally. Google is such a monopoly that Elon should also go after them and design his own OS along with the phone.

Probably adds about two weeks to his current get rid of Apple development plan.


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Aug 20, 2007
Central New York

So . . . first it is that you are not seeing ads . . . because the advertisers are leaving.

Then . . . when you do see ads . . . you are blocking all of them. 🧐
I never saw ads before because I use an ad blocker, now they are appearing as "Promoted tweets" in my feed. Elon is the one who is claiming advertisers are leaving because "they hate free speech".


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Sep 5, 2009
Seattle, WA
Does he really believe this stuff? This isn’t a rhetorical question.
At this point I've no idea. All I can say is I don't recognize Elon of today at all.

ps : There is a long history of "free speech" in the libertarian / alt-right community. 20 Years back someone I had bought a laptop from on e-bay cribbed to me about how e-bay doesn't protect free-speech. Turned out he was selling Nazi memorabilia. Interestingly a lot of these today's "free speech" people were all for clamping down any speech that was not pro-Iraq war ...
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At this point I've no idea. All I can say is I don't recognize Elon of today at all.
Odd thought. Has the guy got a brain tumor? Or some other medical condition that causes personality changes?

In a weird way, his overall performance reminds me of my father, who passed away from Lewy Body disease, a form of dementia. In 20-20 hindsight, the family realized that personality changes had started two and a half decades before his diagnosis. And his ability for introspection was the first thing to go, before his ability to do serious work had noticeably faded.

Chunky Jr.

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Mar 9, 2018
In a pique of moron-ism, I looked in this thread on a fine evening of a well-deserved holiday.

I am ready to ban every last one of you posters who are full-frontally violating the MANY-TIMES repeated directives as to where to post Twitter comments, with or without your own unasked-for and unwanted political rantings.
Well - I'm really sorry I didn't remember that exact directive - in my mind the really unusual decoupling of the TSLA SP with the NASDAQ (1) and the huge objective (not opinion, factual) developments in the Twitter arena (2) justified mentioning it in the main Investment thread. How could the Thread not be aware of these?

Not questioning that I made a mistake not "getting" the rule correctly, I would have assumed (yes ass u me) the mods would at least just MOVE that post in the Twitter thread, not just zap it - which is sort of demoralizing for folks dropping on the thread and seeing no positive news on TSLA SP, only discussions of tires, software updates, trips across the US, FSD experience, and various casual ramblings.

Mod comment:
You write " I would have assumed (yes ass u me) the mods would at least just MOVE that post in the Twitter thread, not just zap it - which is sort of demoralizing for folks". You don't understand what has been repeatedly stated by multiple moderators, that deleting the post is both less work for the mod, it is also punishment for not paying attention.

Just this once I will copy the post to where it should have been, and delete the offending bit here. But we are all losing patience.

Thread in question was posted today 22/11/28 around 4:20 pm

(1) Unusual decoupling of the TSLA SP with the NASDAQ


(2) Huge, objective (not opinion, factual) developments in the Twitter arena

Twitter taking on Apple head on - didn't have a choice, " Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why"
(see his meme below on that)

Elon stating he'll develop a Tesla phone if necessary

Twitter first in calling the SBF scandalous soft treatment by the Press " This is one the biggest failures in US journalistic integrity of the 21st century"

"I am excited about the Twitter situation. It's an asset that has languished for a long time, but it has incredible potential. Although myself and the other investors are obviously overpaying for Twitter right now, the long-term potential for Twitter is an order of magnitude greater than its current value."

The point I made which is not that personal or political is that by engaging a record growing number of new users w/ record engagement many members are happy to pay the $8 and would even like to invest in Twitter, which is actually indirectly possible via investing in Tesla.

Elon's argument is what?

That Apple hates free speech so much that they're willing to lose money just to show you how much they hate free speech?

Or is it that advertising on Twitter is the responsibility of every true American company?

I love Tesla. And I like Twitter. And I have no time for Apple. But this stuff is nuts.


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Dec 30, 2015
Silver Spring, MD
Not necessarily: he may simply have seen the new "Community Notes" comments on his tweet and decided he was wrong - typical Elon, opinionated, but quick to agree and do a 180 if convinced he was wrong. Did same about Paul Pelosi BTW

Or he has to be mindful, playing a 6D game ..
It would be really helpful, if he would explain why he deletes a tweet, when he does it. Is that even a feature in Twitter? Personally I struggle when I see what I think is a way off-base tweet, from Elon or others, and I have found the Community Notes feature to extremely helpful. I made a point of rating it highly for each of the times this occurred.

I like the practice here on TMC of explaining a dislike. It contributes to the discussion. I think explaining a deletion is similar.

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