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Elon's "looking at" a screen glass protector

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Supercharger Hunter
Mar 31, 2016
Alameda, CA
After one of the early accidents of a Model 3, one of those injured had cuts from the display being cracked during the crash. A tweet later from Elon promised that they would add a protector to the display so this won't happen in future cars. Anyone know if those made it into production? What is the VIN range that the change occurred?

A tweet later from Elon promised that they would add a protector to the display so this won't happen in future cars.

No he didn't promise a screen protector. What he actually said:

Adding software feature to open glovebox automatically when car comes to a stop after a crash. Will look at bonding a thin plastic sheet to the front or back of screen.

Why does everyone say that Elon/Tesla promised something when all they said was that they would look at doing it? o_O
I took delivery last saturday and there is a film installed on the screen. The reason why I noticed is because they didn't do the best job at applying the film, there's at least 3 bubbles....

That would just be the thin disposable film to protect the screen during manufacturing and shipping. (It has been there all long, though some delivery centers remove it when prepping the cars.)
This post was mostly about FoMo, I just got my car this last week but my VIN is in the 8000s while people this week are getting VINs assigned in the 15000s. If I heard "starting at 10000 the screen protector went in" I'd be bummed, but hearing that it's not going in yet makes me happy.

And the reason to use Promise, about random things that Elon tweets, is to emphasize that he posts even contradictory things, making his tweets sometimes not reflect reality, Tow hitch option anyone.

I still haven't removed the factory screen protector. years from now when the battery is dead, and the frame is rusted through, I can remove the film and have a perfectly pristine screen.... that doesn't turn on anymore. Such is the irrationality inside my head when it comes to taking off protective films.

I just went and bought a proper screen protector sheet for it. Had to trim it a bit to get a perfect fit.