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Emergency Brick mode

I'm thinking Model S should have an emergency mode you can activate to use all the remaining energy in the battery - right down to 0 V, bricking the battery pack - if you so choose. :D For instance you wouldn't want the car to lose power and shut down on some railroad tracks. Or other emergency scenarios, like what if you're super-hungry and it shuts down 3 feet from the drive-thru window. Additionally, a secondary and final brick mode would be available to run the car off the 12 V battery and brick it out, too - must be half a kWh or so in there. This is innovation, people, not superchargers and better cars.

Actually seriously, it could be valuable in disaster scenarios also. Seeing mushroom clouds in the distance and only being able to run away on foot, is bad. And considering the number of war-monger types in power today, who knows how close we are to that. Brick mode could be our only hope as a civilization.
With about 1.1 bn miles having been traveled by the extant fleet, and those during the early just-how-does-this-new-mode-of-automobile-really-work phase, one might expect a higher probability of such events already to have occurred. Have there been any?