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End of quarter sales incentive

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My lease on a P90DL is up in a month, so I've been considering what options to get on my next S. Yesterday, I stopped into a local Tesla showroom yesterday to compare the black/white seats, and a sales rep said for orders placed by today (so delivery can be made by 9/30), the two options for the car would be free. I inquired if it would be the two least or most expensive options, and was told I get to choose.

So....the 21" twin turbines and the carbon/white interior were free for the order I placed today. It knocked $6,500 off the price. Not a bad trade for getting the car three weeks earlier than I had intended.
Yes, we just place an order on a Model S LR yesterday. Here was my post...


I am a long time reader, and a first time poster.

This afternoon, my wife just ordered a 2019 Model S Long Range.

We pulled the trigger because of the current End of 3rd Quarter offers. Long story short, our Adviser at the Tesla Showroom offered:
  • Free 21” Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels.
  • Free Color Upgrade (to Black, Silver, Blue, or Red.) * Wife picked Silver.
  • Free Unlimited Supercharging.
The color was a $1,500 option ($2,500 if chose Red) and the 21” wheels were $4,500. The total was a $6,000 value for us.

The catch? We must take delivery of the Model S by the end of September (End of 3rd Quarter,) which works out to be a good timing for us.

After a test-drive (in a beautiful Red Model S LR with 21“ wheels,) we were sold. We put down $2,500 deposit and placed the order.

Now, the wait begins.

Just want to say thank you for all the information in this forum, it is invaluable. Thanks you, folks.

With best regards,

(The Red Multi-Coat looks stunning with the 21" wheels.)
Shoot! I ordered one week ago!

Don't get too bummed. I got a call from Tesla Seattle this morning telling me that Tesla is not honoring the incentives they were told to push for the end of the quarter, so my order is in limbo unless I want to pay full price. It's quite the bait and switch. I, appropriately, lost it on the phone with them. Pretty pissed off at Tesla right now.
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