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Energy Consumption of AP2?

I've just ordered a MX75D and i'm planning on doing many road trips with my car. I've noticed though when people are hypermiling in their Tesla, they intentionally avoid use of autopilot. Does AP, especially AP2, use that much energy? I would assume that it couldn't be insignificant because of the fact that there are 8 cameras and many many sensors, along with the fact that all the data must be processed. But at the same time, most cameras aren't in use. So really my question is about how much energy autopilot consumes now, and also how much energy it could be consuming when true FSD is available
If there's such a thing as a higher consumption when using AP2, it would come from the driving style and would have nothing to do with energy consumption of cameras, sensors and the AP computer.

All those are negligible next to the consumption of the electric motors moving your car and wind and the road opposing resistance against your car movement.
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Tesla's use an nVidia Drive PX 2 (or half of one). From Drive PX-series - Wikipedia it'll consume up to 250W, about the same as a desktop PC might. A few USB cameras will use negligible power.

So that's 250W vs the 20,000-30,000 that you're using during normal travel. So about 1% of your power.

I suspect it doesn't matter whether you have AP active or not, it is always on, watching for safety, e.g. collision avoidance/emergency braking.
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That's a good point. I was thinking that with AP off, all cameras and sensors would be off. But since cameras also run in shadow mode regardless of AP on or not, It seems consumption would be similar, even if it was significant
"Sensors" (ultra, radar, 'cameras') are used for more than AP. Think AEB or side impact avoidance or ? --- I think "sensors" are always on (cameras included as they are in some senses sensors).
i don’t have any idea about the ap2 power usage but I can tell you as a fellow road tripper I wouldn’t buy anything less than a 100 kWh battery pack if you plan on doing real road trips in your car. I have a 90 and I’d kill to have the extra 50 Miles the 100 brings with it. If you live in a cold climate or drive to one you’ll quickly realize what it does to battery packs. It’s a top suv ever made but it could handle 400-500 miles of range to be a true road trip car.

With that being said you may have all kinds of time to stop and supercharge which is great if you do. Either way the x is amazing and you’ll love it. Just really think about what the difference is between stopping every 1.2 hours vs 2 hours + over a long drive...