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energy display - energy/distance

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It should always be showing this right? Or not?
(when you switch in energy display- energy/distance)
Can you guys check yours and confirm.

SR = 220 miles, 1%=2.2 miles, 2.2x50=110 so at 50%=110miles
SR = 220 miles, 1%=2.2 miles, so at 60% = 132, 40%=88
SR+ = 240 miles 1%=2.4 miles, so at 60% = 144, 40%=96
LR = 310 miles 1%=3.1 miles, so at 60% = 186, 40%=124

So at any time you can calculate your total full charge would be.
It should always be showing this right? Or not?

No. The % just shows you the battery capacity relative to what the BMS thinks 100% is. The miles shows you rated miles (the estimate of energy in your pack).

So for an SR+, if the BMS thinks it should be 230 miles at 100%, then it will show 138 miles at 60%. Whereas for a brand-new vehicle with 240 miles at 100%, it will show 144 miles at 60%. And each % will be 2.3 rated miles, and 2.4 rated miles, respectively.
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