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Energy usage of streaming Netflix/YouTube?

Does anyone have an estimate of the energy usage related to streaming video such as Netflix or YouTube?
I assume most of the extra cost would be from the LTE/wifi connection, as the screen is on anyway in idle.
I'd be curious to know also the idle consumption with the car on (2018 75D).
Taking a trip with the family tomorrow, and I'd like to know if I need to worry about letting the kids watch TV in the car during stops within a long leg without supercharger.
YouTube/Netflix energy consumption will be negligibly higher than idle power consumption with the MCU running.

Not sure how much that would use, but Sentry mode on a MCU2/AP2.5 car uses about 250W while running. That has the APE running and encoding video, along with the MCU in some sort of powered-on state (since it writes the data to the USB drive), although with the screen off. I can't imagine having the screen on and streaming video uses more than 30W over that. And while watching, Sentry mode might not even be running, saving power on the APE.

Your biggest energy drain while watching video in the car will be climate control if you're using that.