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Enhanced summon failure warning

Had a failure with enhanced summon last week and wanted to share with everyone as a warning. The car beside me had a trailer hitch bike rack which the car didn't detect and subsequently hit. Adding some pictures of the damage.

Not bashing summon. I've used it over a hundred times and never had an issue. Just sharing to remind people there's still issues with the tech and you need to keep a close eye on it.


I used it last night in a parking lot, and it did ok. I find it to be still as clunky, jerky and ‘hit and miss’ as it was the first month I had it (2 years ago or so?) I’m surprised at the lack of progress considering all the time It’s been out. In fairness, I hadn’t used it for several months up until last night, too, so maybe it needs more use from me to get up to date.
Hope the repairs aren't too costly and you get it fixed quickly. I don't think I'd ever use summon. I just don't think parking lots are a place for a car to be moving with no driver unless the lot is (almost) empty. There are too many factors you need a human for. For example, as I'm going past parked cars, I always look for people sitting in the driver's seat. I pay close attention to those cars and am already anticipating that they may back out. If I see the back up lights come on, I just stop and let them go. I even look at shadows when the sun is at the right angle: sometimes I see the shadow of a child between two cars and I go super slow knowing they may dart out. Just too many factors there that I wouldn't trust to a machine.

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This is precisely why I have stopped using summon. I have had a few close calls that required a quick abort. The whole problem is that the vehicle makes the decisions and YOU are responsible if it fails.

I am really sorry to see this, I hope your repairs go smoothly.