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Entering my driveway I got the rear mirrors to fold. How to open them automatically?

Hi, I managed succesfully to fold automatically my rear mirrors as soon as I enter my driveway, so I can enter my narrow garage.

Ideally I wish that when I baclup, after getting out of the garage, they will unfold automatically.

Can this be done?
That could pose a damage issue though. I back into my garage and fold the mirrors so that they don’t scrape the storage rack. If they auto unfolded the minute it put the car into D and crept fwd, that’d annoy the hell outta me.
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Tested it. Backed into my driveway (definitely less than 100 feet as the garage had not yet closed). Then put it in drive and started to move forward, mirrors unfolded. I note that those who say it doesn't until they get to 29mph appear to be nosecone or AP1 cars. I'm a refresh, AP2 car (now upgraded to AP3). That may be the difference.
Ok, I tested it today. Backed into driveway and then pulled out going forward. Mirrors did not unfold until the place they normally do (which is where I normally shift from reverse to forward). It is about 100' from the garage, so it appears clear that the unfolding of mirrors is set at a distance away from the location where you have set them to fold based on geolocation. It just happens that distance normally coincides with my change in direction. I also confirmed they will unfold anyway (regardless of distance) if you speed up above around 30mph...