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Envy and justification to own a model X

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Not that it's a reason I tell friends publicly, but I also had a reason to use it to "vote with my wallet" for electric vehicles.

I did the same reasoning for when we bought our 2007 Honda Civic hybrid.

But our main reason (especially my wife's) was for safety.
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funny we were dealing with the same scenario. my wife is a very conservative and not flashy person (i.e. drives a prius) and had a long standing rule that we will never get a car over $50k.

we were planning to get the long range model 3 but that was pushing almost $60k

our friends and cpa suggested that we get the X through our business because of the many deductions the X receives (i.e. sect 179, and 100% depreciation plus all fed/state credits, no gas, and safety etc...).

so it made sense for us to get the X and justify it.

we just placed our order and our delivery date is June. I'm so stoked!
I am picking up an X later in March

Here's my response

1. I want an EV (have solar and trying to be more responsible )
2. I want the diamond lane sticker ( Bay area commute )
3. I need over 200 miles range ( can't understand why anyone is still making cars with less )
4. I want a good enough level of autonomous function to alleviate the stress of commuter traffic ( adaptive cruise +)
5. I want a tow hitch ( trailer, ATV etc)
6. I want to put my aged bulldog into a flat trunk ( ease of loading )

If there is another car then I ask them to enlighten me (had a Panamera Turismo on order and cancelled it as it didn't meet the spec) because honestly I have resisted Tesla (worried on build quality and bay stigma) till now but nobody is stepping up and meeting this...

Thats what I pose back and they shut up surprisingly :-0

Their last stupid comments are then

1. Well its ugly
2. Its overpriced
3. The material quality and feel isn't like your german cars
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Typically, premium cars come with premium service and run on premium gas. There is a considerable after sale cost of ownership. But buying, say a model X, you get a premium car with minimal service and runs on the cheapest of fuel. Even further cost savings with free supercharging. That's my justification anyway....
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at the end of the day, there will always be haters for any type of luxury type of car bc most people can't afford them and will find reasons to hate them bc of that.

if you can afford it and want the car, then life is too short to justify things to narrow minded people. True friends/family will be happy for you so go get it and enjoy it.