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EU finalize and deliveries


Jan 14, 2011
Lausanne, CH
just thought I'd start this thread again but now for Model X European requests to finalize and eventual deliveries. Considering that Ohmman has now gotten a mail about imminent configuration for the remainder of US reservation holders........

Hope to be back soon with good news for the rest of us :)
Despite several phone calls and emails to local Benelux management, they do not even bother to mail or call back. Not even to tell me they do not have a clue themselves...

Your signature implies you ORDERED your X already, but I guess you are also still wait
Yes joyeux noël!

But I doubt we will be able to configure before well into the new year..... I had hoped deliveries in Europe would begin with the geneva auto show but have adjusted my expectations to mid spring........... For now :)
The Benelux country manager responded:

We do not know when the first Model X will be delivered in Europe or how much time there will be between Sig en GP. We also do not have info about pricing but I think it will be comparable to the US Model S vs Eur Model S price difference.

The Signature is specifically a special, limited edition, besides being delivered earlier. Elon makes it no secret that your deposit is used to develop the new models.

But you will be able when you get the invitation early next year to configure, to go for a General Production model and then you will be first in line to receive on of the first 'normal Xs'.

You - being no 44 in Europe, have an awful lot of people behind you

end quote

You will have even more behind you !

She also added that her expectation - not official - off the record - not to be quoted - is that deliveries will be mid year - but I did not put that in this post.
With todays final push to configure the remainder of the US production reservations it seems as TESLA has really forgotten about the non US reservation holders for now. I think I might have to be happy if I get my early EU sig before the end of the year..... :-(
Well This time it seems the sigs are actually carrying a discount over the GPs, at least in the US....... We'll see. :)

The same also seems to be the case in Canada. The exchange rate of the Sig appears to be really good, but they haven't announced the GP pricing yet in Canada. Hopefully soon, but I expect it to be significantly higher than a comparably configured Sig.
OK, so now we are getting closer to being issued VINs and production cues and so on. So I figured that maybe we can use this thread to determine when the first VINs are given so We can predict when the first Xes will arrive in Europe.....

Considering that US orders with issued VINs are now slipping in to beginning of June deliveries and initially I had been suggested end June beginning of July timeframe for my EU Sig..... maybe this will still hold but probably end July beginning of August would seem more plausible....

From the MS deliveries we pretty much know that from VIN to delivery there is a good 2 moths wait.......
Guess initially they were planning to produce the European Sig X in April for a June delivery (before end of Q2), but with the delays they may shifted the start of European production towards July, with delivery before end of Q3 ... the same as they did with the Sig. S in 2013 ...