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European Model S typical consumption?

My lifetime average (soon 10000 km) is 196 wH/km. That's for a daily commute which includes a 500 m height difference, down then up, on the motorway. With summer temperatures, TACC usually set at 125 km/h on the motorway.
What is European Model S typical consumption? I mean, what wh/km car uses when calculating typical range?

Personally my typical consumption is 226 Wh/km. I have more than 100.000 km on the odometer in 16 months, so this
will stay steady, I guess.

The car seems to calculate at 190 Wh/km or something around there. Unless I drive slowly (100-110 km/h) I cannot reach this low consumption.

I have 19 in wheel with the goodyear tires.
Hi. The information you want is available on Merijn's survey on page "Range Types Explained". Scroll down a bit. The numbers are calculated from battery capacity and typical range (or rated range in North America) of each model. For example S85 has 75900 Wh usable capacity before you go into reds and typical range is 400 km. Therefore 75900/400= 189.75 Wh/km is when typical range equals actual range. Notice this doesn't change when the battery degrades. Let's say the battery capacity degraded to 95%. That means typical range will also drop to 95%. Therefore the result doesn't change when you divide the numbers. Here is an example on how these numbers can be useful:

You want to drive 150 km and your efficiency is 218 Wh/km. What will be your typical range consumption?
Answer: Consumption will be 150km * 218Wh/km / 189,75Wh/km = 172,3 km typical range

Efficiency when EPA rated range (North America) or typical range (elsewhere) equals to actual range

Model S 60270,48194,00
Model S 70D260,44unknown
Model S 85286,42189,75
Model S P85286,42189,75
Model S P85+286,42189,75
Model S 85D281,11187,41
Model S P85D300,00185,12
By the way, on the stats page of the same survey you can find information on average efficiency of other users.

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